About Nivus

NIVUS GmbH, established in Eppingen of Germany, is a renowned company with many years of experience in the development and production of measuring equipment and technology. It was founded in 1967 and since then has been continuously developing systems for measuring flow, levels and pressures. Nivus is constantly finding new solutions and improvements, thanks to the fact that they always follow the trends the sector.

One of the most significant moments in the history of the company is the presentation of ultrasonic (cross) correlation (2000), which for the first time enabled the measurement of the actual flow profile, with a spatial allocation in the range of millimeters.

To date, in addition to its headquarters in Germany, 8 more international branches have been opened and they do business with another 40 distributors worldwide.

Nivus measuring equipment uses the latest generation technologies with user friendly interfaces and simple connectivity in line with the latest trends (WIFI connection with smartphones, laptop, tablet and / or other devices, i.e., the direct transmission of measured data via GPRS).

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The cross-correlation method enables the determination of the actual velocity distribution within the flow profile from which the flow is calculated with a precisely determined medium velocity (vmed)

Principle of operation of cross-correlation sensor:

  • the sensor continuously scans the particles in the medium
  • particles reflections are stored as images
  • determining TFPI time difference Δt between two pulses as a function of pulse repetition frequency
  • the average velocity of each set (layer) is calculated using: D=c*Δt

Internet application for collecting, reviewing and processing measured data.

All Nivus measuring devices with integrated GPRS module have automatic access to the Nivus WebPortal.

Nivus WebPortal enables monitoring of measuring devices (location, battery, status), alarming and report preparation.

The “Chart” module enables extensive analyzes of each measuring point, as well as comparison of data between several measured locations.

NivuFlow Mobile 600 (NFM600)

Portable flow and pressure meter (gauge/measurer):

  • IP68 protection
  • autonomy up to 1 year with 5 min. cycle
  • GPRS module for accessing data via the NivusWeb portal
  • for pipes with a profile DN50-6000 mm
  • possibility of connecting a chlorine analyzer
  • possibility of solar power

NivuFlow 600

Stationary flow meter for water supply systems:

  • IP68 field (terrain) housing for mounting in shafts
  • integrated data logger
  • simple and clear interface/ (user friendly interface)
  • compatibility with other devices and systems

NivuFlow Mobile 750 (NFM750)

Portable flow meter:

  • IP68 protection
  • autonomy up to 250 days with a 5 min. cycle
  • GPRS module for accessing data via the NivusWeb portal
  • cross-correlation sensors
  • EX zone 1

NivuFlow 750

Stationary flow meter for wastewater:

  • cross-correlation sensors
  • IP68 field (terrain) housing
  • integrated data logger
  • for measurements in open and closed channels


Level, distance, volume and flow meter:

  • IP65 protection
  • various versions (compact, with or without keyboard, with 2, 7 or more relays)
  • level sensors ranging from 0 to 40 m
  • the ability to measure flow using Venturi constriction



Intelligent level measuring sensor:

  • programmed measuring ranges of 3,6,10 and 15 m
  • IP68 protection
  • possibility of direct connection to PLC
  • DATEM – digital processing of echo signals with automatic correction of curved signals


UniBar II E

Pressure probe:

  • optional IP45, IP67 or IP68 protection
  • 1/2” threaded connection
  • 4-20 mA, 2- wire connection
  • measuring ranges from 0 to 40 bar

NivuFlow Mobile 550

Non-contact (contactless) flow meter for gravity pipelines and channels:

  • possibility of use as a stationary device in locations without infrastructure
  • easy operation and rapid commissioning
  • GPRS module for accessing data via the NivusWeb portal
  • IP68 sensor and transmitter protection

NivuFlow Stick

Portable flow meter for open channels (rivers, streams, canals...):

  • complete measurement and recording of speed profiles
  • integrated hydrostatic level measurement
  • automatic calculation of the total flow rate
  • wireless communication
  • IP68 protection
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