Flow measurement in gravity and pressure drainage systems requires thorough preparation and analysis of measuring points before choosing the type of measuring equipment and method of installation (uncontrolled flow conditions, sediment, roughness, flow rate, etc.)

Nivus product range covers a wide range of measurement methods (cross correlation, doppler, radar, transit time), and thus allows the ability to select the best measurer under given conditions


  • development and/or elaboration of technical solutions
  • preparation of cost and tender items for the proposed equipment
  • counseling and presentations

FOR CLIENTS we offer:

  • overview of potential measuring points
  • review of existing measuring points and proposals for improvement measures
  • technical assistance in the preparation of public procurement documentation
  • professional training for working with measuring equipment
  • counseling and presentations

Use our experience and acquired knowledge, so that together we can come to up with the most optimal solution for your application!

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