For successful and sustainable management of the water supply system, it is necessary to obtain timely information on the functioning of the system itself. The way and time for taking certain actions depends on the quality of the obtained information, which directly affects the optimization of work processes and operations within the system.

DMA (District Metered Area) / PMA (Pressure Management Area)

Defining DMA and PMA zones gives the possibility of monitoring the water consumption within individual zones and the possibility of controlling and managing the pressures in the water supply network as one of the basic criteria for reducing losses.

We offer you:

  • preparation of project and tender documentation
  • division of the system into zones with a suggestion of measuring and control equipment
  • review of existing equipment with optimization suggestion
  • control of flow and pressure measured values with transmission meters
  • professional training for working with measuring equipment
  • counseling and presentations

In addition to the above, we also offer you services of:

  • loss tracking (loss microlocation with geophones, correlators and forest loggers)
  • measurement of residual chlorine concentration on the network (in the period from 24 to 168 hours)
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